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ending poses/poses无水印/'poses' (rakesh satyal)

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ending poses/poses无水印/'poses' (rakesh satyal)

Aging poses a serious challenge to OECD(Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development)countries,in particular,how to pay for future public pension liabilities. 这句话结构和成分是什么(Aging) (poses) (a scompose v.构成(整体),组成;由……组成(后接of,常用于被动语态) consist v.组成,构成,由……组成(后接of,常用于主动语态);(后接in)在于,存在于。 B: consist签证DS-160表上面的选项 有这么一条:Do you have a mental or physical disorder that poses or is likely to pose a threat to the safety or welfare of yourself or others? 我有哮喘,应该如何填写?直接勾选NO。因为这类主要是调查你是否有精神类疾病以及危害他人或则

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ending poses/poses无水印/'poses' (rakesh satyal)

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